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Who is StarRizer?

Meet Mr. Chuck Hallberg,
man of vision, man of innovation!

Chuck Hallberg has an eye for spotting business trends, analyzing problems, and coming up with solutions that rock the business world. One of his more recent successes was a business he grew 21,000% from an idea housed in his basement to a $1.2 billion company that Ranked #1 on the 2007 Inc. 500 list. His secret? "I've found," he says, "that success follows when you can find innovative ways to bridge the gap between providers and payers."

Now Mr. Hallberg is focused on another industry that presents this need – the music industry. As a former performing musician himself who experienced firsthand the struggles of Artists working for free while dreaming of one day having a voice in the marketplace, he is ready to break down the existing barriers between Artists ("providers") and audiences ("payers") using StarRizer's brilliant online Platform. Utilizing the abundant technological tools at virtually everyone’s disposal, he envisions StarRizer as a liberating force for all parties involved, a means to tap into a world of incredible creative potential that is anxiously waiting to be released.

According to Mr. Hallberg, "StarRizer represents a brave new world where Artists who long to be heard and deserve to be paid meet on common ground with the audiences who are willing to pay to enjoy remarkable new talent they would never have heard otherwise. It’s a world where real people, musicians and fans, not just a handful of industry executives, have a voice in controlling their own choices and destinies."

For Founder and President Chuck Hallberg, StarRizer represents his legacy work, his lasting gift to the artistic world. He is committed to seeing it fulfill its global potential, touching multiple hundreds of thousands, even millions, of lives. If you share his vision and declare your place as a Founding Promoter, you can enjoy the rewards of being a part of this revolutionary life-changing movement as well.

What is StarRizer?

StarRizer is a radically new Platform that brings a world of refreshing talent together with a world-wide audience rewarding both with an unparalleled opportunity to change lives. Whatever you imagined, take it from StarRizer, you haven't heard anything yet!

Are you an artist in search of an audience?
You have a voice!

StarRizer recognizes that creativity longs to be expressed and enjoyed. It is the unique answer to every undiscovered Artist's unfulfilled dreams. Stop working for free to gain an audition. With StarRizer, your work gets exposed and promoted and you get paid a royalty every time someone downloads one of your songs. If you are an Artist with a Smartphone and access to the internet, you can potentially find a world-wide audience ready to buy and share your work. And everyone who buys your work has the opportunity and motivation to share their discovery of your talent with others who can buy and listen as well.

Do you love good music & entertainment?
You have a voice!

You know what you like when you hear it without anybody else limiting your choices. StarRizer is your opportunity to do just that and to be part of the driving force behind the next economic tsunami that will sweep the globe. Think of "'International Talent Search' meets Social Marketing", where YOU are the judge deciding what YOU like and what YOU share.

Do you have a good eye & ear for talent?
You have a voice!

I's about selecting and sharing Artists and Creative Content Providers, participating in their success, and being paid to enjoy more entertainment than you ever imagined. StarRizer is a truly people-empowered Platform where simple purchases from talented and yet unrecognized artists not only feed the souls of the listeners from their creations but also feed the Artists’ longing to be heard – even as you may literally help to feed their families. Everyone deserves a voice. Let your Playlist and the songs you share allow them to say, "I have a voice."

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"International Talent Search" meets Social Marketing